Sam Amidon is one of the most open minded artists I know. Right away I was struck not only by his beautiful music, I was also amazed by the vast range of things he welcomes into his world. Every Sam Amidon album is a winner. They build on top of each other and yet each one stands on its own. There’s a very specific Amidon-vibe. A vibe that nobody else but Sam can create, and he doesn’t even have to do much to create it. It is just there, from the moment he starts a song — effortless.

When I wrote to Sam to tell him how much I liked his music, I was surprised to hear that he’d been checking out my podcast for a while. He even became my supporter on Patreon! We kept in touch and made plans to do an interview in the future. When in the summer of 2021 Sam spent a couple of days in Cologne, I was so happy that we could do the interview in person and hang out at my place… and play!

Thanks for doing this with me Sam!