I found out about Robert Stillman‘s unique musical world through my friend Kit Downes. (Whenever Kit recommends something I listen very closely) So when my first sitting with Robert’s debut “Horses” was over, I had to listen to it again right away. Everybody on the record played their butts off, but it was the songs and a distinctive vibe that caught my attention. I thought to myself: here’s somebody who likes to invent his own musical world, regardless of what is considered on vogue at the moment. Personal music. No bullshit, just honesty.

And that feeling didn’t stop with the next record I checked out (Rainbow) – it only intensified! It has been beautiful to see how Robert’s musical journey is progressing and growing with each new release.

I like to reach out to the people whose music I’m listening to. To say thank you. We as artists want to move people with the things we put out. So it’s nice to report back and tell them it really worked. I did this with Robert as well and got to know him through that, eventually we played together in Köln at my concert series which was a great pleasure. In this first meeting I noticed how wide his musical horizon actually is. Really inspiring. The perfect interview guest, as you’ll see in a moment. Enjoy!