Percy Pursglove is not only an incredible trumpet player, he’s also an adventurous composer and educator, a great musical mind, a great bassist and… he’s also my friend. I’ve been a fan of him ever since we first met during a little tour with Chris Potter in 2013. We bonded right away and a few years later we started playing together in many different musical scenarios:

We’ve worked together in my Buoyancy Band, with my trio, my big ensemble GLOW, with our mutual friend Michael Gibbs, in the NDR BigBand and many more one-off situations.

When we’re together we often get into deep discussions about the music and our relationship to it. I always looks forward to these conversations as much as I look forward to playing with him. I feel like we can work so well together because we are so honest with each other.

This episode is basically like one of those conversations on the road together. Thanks for joining us.

( side note for context: we recorded this in 2021 during one of the covid lockdowns )