Jason Seizer brings people together. As saxophonist and bandleader, but also as a producer & engineer of 100+ albums for the great German label Pirouet Records. He has big ears and an open heart, a personal sound on the saxophone and a distinct vision for the music.

Jason and me go way back. What started as a producer-musician relationship quickly became a deep friendship. With each album we made together we grew closer together. I turn to Jason for advice on musical things, but also about life in general. He’s my friend and I owe him a lot!

But I’m not alone with this. Under the banner of Pirouet Records, Jason has given so many of my heroes and my close friends a musical home, helping us all to realize musical dreams.

In our conversation we reflect on Jason’s life in music, taking lessons with Joe Lovano & Ferdinand Povel, the development of his quartet, what he needs from his fellow musicians and the importance of “the hang”.