About a year ago I saw Isabel Hagen‘s appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show became an instant fan, quickly diving into as much of her work as I could find. I love her standup and her incredible web series „Is A Violist“. The way Isabel combines comedy & music is really something else.

I’ve been a fan of comedy for all my life. (I grew up watching Jerry Lewis movies) It’s so fascinating how connected these art forms (all art forms really) are. At this point I’m studying my favorite comedians with similar admiration like I have for my favorite musicians. I’m glad we all get to learn from Isabel Hagen together now.

Thank you to

  • Isabel for your time and giving us insights into your process
  • Caroline Shaw for kindly putting me in touch with Isabel
  • Till Kammertoens for your tireless work on the podcast
  • my Patreon community. With your help I’m able to pay for the running costs of the podcast and keep it going! I can’t thank you enough. Here’s a shoutout to my newest members: Jonas Lusti, Alexis Boone, Cédric Hanriot, Jude Lane, Ignacio Amil,Jake K., Nadiia Zhurba, Simão Bárcia & Parker Shper