When I asked my friend Percy Pursglove what he had been listening to lately, he told me about the piece “Partita for 8 voices” by Caroline Shaw. He said he had listened to the piece while driving in his car, but eventually he not only had to stop the car, but also stop the music – because he was so blown away by what he heard!!

(I’m always looking for recommendations of this kind: when friends, colleagues or heroes of mine recommend something that they obsessing about)

So on my way home I started listening to the piece and I was blown away as well! I couldn’t stop listening, had it running on repeat for a long time like I usually do when discovering a new piece. I immediately started checking other works by Caroline that were equally fresh and inspiring and also found lots of interviews that were really insightful.

I’m so happy my friend Percy recommended listening to her work and I’m excited to share my interview with Caroline Shaw with all of you now! We talk about a lot of things, ranging from composition, inspirations, notation, working methods of the incredible vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth and much more! Enjoy!